Check Order Status

The Check Order Status service automates the process of checking the status of an existing order. It is available at the following URLs:

Request Parameters

Parameter Description Required
username The email address of the user making the status request yes
password The SHA-256 encoded password of the customer yes
orderNo The Sales Order number yes
customerUsername The username of the customer associated with the order. Only used when the username above is that of a CSR no
format Format response body as xml or json. The default is xml to support legacy code. New applications are advised to use json format instead no

Example API Call (must be POST method)

This example assumes the user specified by the username parameter is associated to the sales order number specified by the orderNo parameter

API Address: 
POST /server-webapp/api/checkOrderStatus?username=<username>&password=<password>&orderNo=WEB-SO100001

Response Information

Parameter names below are for XML formatted responses. JSON responses include the same information, but generally use more human-friendly labels.


  • onm = order number
  • currency = currency
  • odt = order date (in millis)
  • stat = current status
  • custhold = the reason for the current status
  • custholddesc = more verbose reason for custhold
  • tot = the order total
  • spto = ship-to address
  • rcpt = ship-to name
  • dshc = domestic shipping code (ie, United Postal Service)
  • dshs = domestic shipping service (ie, Ground)
  • trkg = tracking number information
  • osrc = order source (ie, VERICAL, ARROW)


  • desc = the item description
  • edd = estimated delivery date (in millis)
  • esd = estimated shipping date (in millis)
  • limg = the large image URL
  • slt = shipping lead time
  • num = line number
  • lpc = total price of the line
  • mfr = manufacturer name
  • mpn = manufacturer part number
  • mid = manufacturer id
  • qty = the quantity ordered
  • zn = shipping zone
  • simg = the small image URL
  • upc = unit price
  • id = item id

Example Response

By default this API returns XML, below is an example formatted in JSON.

  "OrderHistory": {
    "row": {
      "line": {
        "desc": "Diode Small Signal Switching 70V 0.2A 3-Pin SOT-23",
        "edd": "1489539600",
        "esd": "1488938400",
        "limg": "",
        "slt": "0",
        "num": "1000",
        "lpc": "74.52",
        "mpn": "BAV99",
        "mid": "110217",
        "qty": "3000",
        "zn": "UNITED_STATES",
        "simg": "",
        "upc": "0.0276",
        "id": "20812280"
      "id": "WEB-SO1354428",
      "onm": "WEB-SO1354428",
      "currency": "USD",
      "odt": "1488908355",
      "stat": "PROCESSING",
      "custhold": "Address Validation Hold.",
      "custholddesc": "Verifying your address",
      "tot": "84.14",
      "spto": "[Your Address],
      "rcpt": "[Your Name]",
      "dshc": "United Postal Service",
      "dshs": "1st Class Mail",
      "trkg": "No",
      "po": "POKURT41",
      "osrc": "VERICAL"
    "smrForCustomer": "false"