Getting Started

Welcome to the Arrow API. If you're looking to search for parts and retrieve pricing and availability programmatically, you've come to the right place.

If you haven't received an Arrow API login and API key, you will need to visit the "Request API Key" page.

To view the documentation for the entire Arrow API system, please visit the REST API page.

Pricing & Availability API

The Pricing & Availability API allows client applications to search our parts database to retrieve price, inventory and other data. All API requests must be authenticated with a login and API Key. (Previously referred to as Itemservice API)


The most basic request is a Search By Token request, and below is an example of using that endpoint.


  • Arrow API Key
  • Arrow API Login
  • A part number to search (e.g. Bav99)

Building a request

The base of the api call is with the appropriate tokens after. In this example, we will be finding 10 results for the BAV99 part. You will need to add these parameters while replacing the appropriate ones with your login and key. If you would like to reduce the return size, please set rows to 1.[login]&apikey=[apikey]&search_token=BAV99&rows=10

Parsing a reponse

The list titled “PartList” will contain all parts which matched with the search token. Each part contains its manufacturer information and compliance information here as well as an additional list which contains each source in the object named “InvOrg”. These sources are given on a per user basis. Please email if you have any questions on sources.

By default you should see Verical, NAC, ASIA, and EUROPE although you may find more or less depending on your permissions. Each source will contain the different versions of this part available. These different source parts contain a list of tier pricing. You can see the different tiers under the “Prices” object and “resaleList” array. You may also see customer Specific pricing under “customerSpecificPricing” if your company has such pricing available.

For example, to reach the NAC pricing for the lowest tiered pricing you could follow this path:[0].PartList[0].InvOrg.sources[0].Prices.ResaleList[0].price

To view the documentation for this API and it's endpoints, please visit the Pricing & Availability page.

Order API

The Order API can be used to place and check orders from or It is intended to be used in conjunction with the Pricing and Availability API. Please start with the Pricing and Availability API.

Please note that the key for this service is different than the one for the Pricing & Availability API

To view the documentation for this API and it's endpoints, please visit the Order API page.